3rd Year Anniversary and Outstanding HRD of the Year Award Ceremony

On January 30, 2024, EHRDC celebrated its 3rd year of establishment with an attendance of more than 70 guests with the theme The Role of Human Rights Defenders for Accountability in Transitional Justice: Ending Violence and Atrocities in Ethiopia. The event was opened by the welcoming remarks of the Organization’s executive director Yared Hailemariam. The opening remarks were delivered by  

  • Rakeb Messele – Deputy Chief Commissioner, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission 
  • H.E Charles Kwemoi – Deputy Country Representative, UN-OHCHR 
  • Dr David Krivanek– Deputy head of Delegation European Union Ethiopia,  
  • Hassan Shire –Executive Director, Defend Defenders, and 
  • Lensa Beyena – EHRDC Board chair and (Executive Directress, EWLA 


Among the programs were  

  • Testimony by Women Human Rights Defenders who worked in conflict areas of Amhara and Tigray  
  • Panel discussion on the role of HRDs for Accountability in transitional justice. The panel Featured legal and transitional justice experts and women human rights defenders Sarah Abeja Jackson from South Sudan and Jaqueline Mutere from Kenya.
  • EHRDC also Launched its second Annual report on the situations of Human Rights Defenders in Ethiopia (https://ethdefenders.org/the-second-annual-report-on-the-situation-of-human-rights-defenders-in-ethiopia2023/)  
  • The center also held the Annual Outstanding Human Rights Defender of the Year Award. The winners are:               




Refer to the link for their profile (Outstanding HRD of the Year Award)





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