EHRDC released the 3rd assessment on the Situations of Human Rights Defenders in Ethiopia

The human rights situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating in 2022 Security force cases of abuse, armed group attacks, and deadly ethnic violence are contributing factors to this corrosion. Several reports of summary executions, civilian casualties, looting, and house burning have been reported from various parts of the country. After the TPLF claimed control of Dessie and Kombolcha, the state of emergency was declared on November 2, 2021, which allows, among other things, for roadblocks to be established, transport services to be disrupted, curfews to be imposed, and for the military to take over in certain areas. Following the declaration of SOE thousands of people, primarily ethnic Tigrayans, have been detained in different cities and towns across Ethiopia. The government lifted the state of emergency that was declared in November 2021 after rebellious Tigrayan forces retreated back.

The country’s deteriorating political and human rights situation highly affects the work of HRDs and journalists. Most of the recent press freedom gains have been lost, the media landscape is shrinking, freedom of associations and assembly are banned, and journalists and HRDs are arrested in mass without due process of law.

Despite all these challenges Ethiopia is gearing up for a national dialogue aimed at bridging the country’s many fault lines. The national dialogue is aimed at resolving differences of opinions and disagreements among various political and opinion leaders and also segments of society in Ethiopia. However, most political parties are condemning the national dialogue process as “it lacks inclusiveness.” The government on the other hand calming as it is inclusive and genuine.

Finally, EHRDC wants to convey as it is still not too late to incentivize all parties to negotiate to curb the looming crisis and to bring lasting peace which contributes a lot to human rights protection through genuine national dialogue. The question lingers on whether major powers have the will and political resources to do so.

For the full Assessment click Periodic Assessment on the situation of HRDs the new paradigm shift.docx

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