Where is Journalist Gobeze Sisay?

EHRDC expressed its concern about the recent arrest of journalist Gobeze Sisay.
Ethiopian Human Rights Defender Center (EHRDC) is a non-governmental organization established to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of HRDs. EHRDC has been continuously engaging with human rights defenders and journalists to enhance their capacity and to defend their rights.
We are highly concerned in the recent case of the arrest of journalist Gobeze Sisay whose whereabouts remain unknown since taken by nonuniform officers on Sunday morning May 1, 2022, as of the time of publication of this statement. EHRDC confirmed from his colleagues the whereabouts of the journalist is not known yet.
EHRDC is following the case of the journalist and we urge the government to stop the arbitrary arrest of journalists. On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, EHRDC would like to call the Government to show the most care in order to protect the rights of journalists and follow the due process of law.

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